BtoB Content Marketing Tips: Customer Video production in Japan

BtoB Content Marketing Tips: Customer Video production in Japan

Video content is one of the most effective tools in BtoB marketing. The same goes for Japanese companies that tend to follow suit. Japanese companies regularly do research on information on what services and products their competitors in the same industry are using to see if they are being left behind. In other words, the information that other companies in the same industry are using for a service or a product can be a more powerful marketing message than anything else. And of all the means of conveying this information, video content is the one with the best visual quality.

So what should you do to produce user case study videos in Japan?

Find clients who are willing to cooperate with your case study

First and foremost, you need to find clients willing to collaborate with you on a case study video. If you have an office in Tokyo, ask your sales representative to help you find a client.

Find a reliable bilingual producer.

First, it is no exaggeration to say that finding a local video producer who is familiar with the Japanese BtoB market will determine the outcome of your case study video.
While there are many experienced BtoC video producers in Japan, they may not be able to leverage their experience in the BtoB field, where marketing is focused on customer issues, and messaging may be blurred.
It is advisable to find a producer with previous experience creating content for a global company if possible. This experience is necessary to ensure smooth coordination with other stakeholders, such as the creative team at headquarters.

Finding a local video production team.

Once a producer is found, the next step is to find a local video production team. Find a director and other team members such as a DoP, sound recordist, editor, and, if necessary, a colorist and MA mixer. Usually, the producer knows the team they trust, so we recommend that you let the producer do the work.
Sometimes, a DoP or other team member will be brought in from the head office to keep the tone & manner among the other global videos.
There are not many bilingual video production teams in Japan. If the producer can also handle interpretation from production to shooting and delivery, let the producer handle all communication and let the video team focus on producing high-quality videos.

There are many more to-dos in addition to the above, but we will not go into them in this article. If you have any additional information or questions, please feel free to leave a comment.