WONDERHOODS specializes intwo "C "s.

WONDERHOODS is a company that contributes to a better tomorrow for our customers in the areas of Communication and Community.


As a boutique agency that combines expertise and flexibility,
we provide marketing communications services with a focus on PR.



We are committed to contributing to local communities and society through
the production of locally based products and places.


Two locations, Tokyo and Hokkaido.Other nationwide support is also available.



Kotaro Asano
Kotaro Asano
Co-founder / Producer

Kotaro is an experienced marketing communication consultant / content producer who has more than 10 years of industry experience.

After working for advertisement and communication agencies including Publicis Groupe, he co-founded WONDERHOODS K.K to offer integrated communication services for national & global companies.

We aim to be an honest company that is trusted by our customers, partners, and the community, and we are grateful for the people and opportunities we meet through WONDERHOODS, and we will do our best to do what we can only do here and now.

Mio Sasaki
Co-founder / Art Director

After studying design abroad and returning to Japan, he has been involved in branding and launching of various companies, mainly in the advertising and design industries, as an art director.

Since founding WONDERHOODS with Asano, he has been working hard to create a good culture in addition to helping people and communities through his PR work and efforts to develop his own brand, based on his past experience.

Mio Sasaki

I am working hard every day with the hope that we can be a team and a company that can create a good culture for all the people and things involved.
Our goal is to be like a neighbor who thinks with you.