BtoB Video Production in Japan | PR Agency helps to develop customer testimonials and why it is trusted

BtoB Video Production in Japan | PR Agency helps to develop customer testimonials and why it is trusted

Tokyo-based boutique PR firm, WONDERHOODS has been entrusted with numerous video production projects for the Japanese market by BtoB companies. The types of videos include testimonial videos, TV commercials, product videos, event videos, and many more. But why do some clients choose a PR agency to produce videos instead of a video production company? In fact, the advantage lies in the collaboration between a PR agency and a video production company.

Differences between video production companies and PR companies and their respective strengths.

Video production companies have expertise in visual elements and storytelling in video quality and editing techniques. PR agencies, on the other hand, are skilled in message strategy and communication planning for the client’s target audiences, and have the ability to accurately convey the features of the products and services. As described above, PR agencies and video production companies have different areas of expertise and strengths, and by combining them, higher-quality video content can be produced and more effective communication can be achieved.

The advantages of using WONDERHOODS for video production include:

  • Combined expertise: WONDERHOODS and its partner video production company work together to produce content that integrates video and message. The video’s appeal and the message’s accuracy create a synergistic effect that will make a more effective impression on the viewer.
  • Optimize storytelling: Video production companies can tell a story through video, and WONDERHOODS can tie that story to the context of your product or service to create compelling storytelling.
  • Effective communication: WONDERHOODS’ insights can be used to tailor messages to the needs and desires of your target audience. This increases the likelihood that your content will reach and be understood by more potential customers.
  • Market Adaptation: WONDERHOODS analyzes market trends and competitive intelligence and incorporates it into your video production to ensure that your content is always current and effective.
  • Brand Unification: Collaboration between the video production company and WONDERHOODS ensures that the brand message and visuals remain consistent and that content is produced with a unified feel.
  • Cost optimization: Each video production company and WONDERHOODS has expertise in different areas and assigns them according to projects. This reduces duplication of knowledge and unnecessary personnel utilization, resulting in cost optimization.

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Overall, the collaboration of a video production company and a PR agency can be of great value in creating attractive and effective content. In addition, bilingual producers are available on WONDERHOODS, which allows us to work directly with the creative team at the headquarters for projects for foreign clients.

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