Do you have issues like...

Unable to hire PR, branding and marketing staff dedicated to the Japanese market.
Don't know how to proceed marketing in Japan because you don't speak Japanese.
Unable to find an agency that can provide bilingual staff.
Don't have enough time to manage multiple agencies and production companies
Our solution Flat-rate PR / Branding Management & Support Plan
What is PR & Branding Support Plan?
We support your marketing communication activities as a team member.
As a member of the client's team, a professional with expertise in marketing communication activities will participate in the planning process from the initial planning stage, select the most suitable vendors, give instructions to the vendores on behalf of the client, and manage the work.
What are differences compared with other PR/marketing services?
Let our Professionals manage your projects
Unlike most flat-rate PR, design, and branding companies, WONDERHOODS is not doing the execution or production of projects. Instead, as a member of the client's team, a professional with expertise in marketing communication activities will mange the projects and its quality.

Areas of Expertise

Content Marketing

Product design / Art direction / Web Design / Advertisment production / Video production / SNS Marketing / Influencer Makreting / PR / Media Relation / Content Marketing

Can I ask for support even if I already have a contracted agency or production company?
Of course. In that case, WONDERHOODS will take care of the direction and quality control, thereby reducing the client's workload and maximizing cost effectiveness.
Is it possible to have WONDERHOODS team join our global marketing team and participate in the local project and act as the Japan representative?
Yes, it is possible. We will work closely with your global team and regional directors and managers to support your marketing activities in the Japanese market.
Is it possible to have new graduates or inexperienced staff hired in Japan or other Asian countries to gain experience and learn from you?
Yes, you can. In that case, we will give priority to maximizing the experience of the person in charge.
We have been using agencies and production companies, but we have not been able to accumulate knowledge within the company. Won't the same happen with this support plan?
We will support you as a member of your team, and all the knowledge, contact information, and other creative assets gained during the working hours will belong to the client as the client's property. We will also support the client to be able to continue to function on their own even after the contract with WONDERHOODS is over, so that the client will not have to worry without us being there.
I have been put in charge of Marketing and PR and I don't know what I should do. Is it okay if I don't know what to do?
No problem. We will propose the best plan and tasks to be implemented after conducting an interview with the client.
Have you ever had a situation where you ended up doing nothing?
No, we haven’t. The breakdown of the working hours will be decided after consultation before the activities, and we will record the activities on an hourly basis during the contract period to ensure transparency.
Can you provide services in languages other than English?
Basically, we ask that you communicate in English. In such cases, meetings are basically held online, but if a visit to the client is necessary, additional travel expenses and delivery time will be required.

Can we pay the fee in a lump sum only?
We ask that you pay in advance in a lump sum, but you can also pay in installments. In that instance there are no installment fees charged.
It depends on the situation, but it usually takes about 3 to 5 business days.
It depends on the situation, but it usually takes about 3 to 5 business days.
Is it possible to cancel the contract during the contract period?
You may cancel the contract, but you will have to pay the service fee for the contract period. Please understand that before you cancel.