Are you relying solely on sales and corporate planning department
to improve business performance?

Sales not growing as expected.
Weak response from customers.
Low recognition in Japan of the company and its services and products.
These problems are not uncommon.
Name recognition within the Japanese market is low thus resulting in losing out to compeitors While your product quality is superior (than other companies in the Japanese market) a competitor who has received media coverage is receiving the orders. Or, due to the lack of brand awareness in Japan, you may have difficulties making business appointments.
Your value is not resonating with your target customers. Lack of effective tools to communicate your company's strengths has resulted in not being able to convey the benefits of the service. Thus you are having difficulty being memorable to your potential customer.
Weak reach to your target audience in Japan You are recieving inquires from non-target companeis or departments and spending fruitless hours to respond. Or, you don't have the means to efficiently reach your target.
Aiming to Solve Sales Challenges in Japan

How WONDERHOODS views the mutually complementary relationship between marketing communication and sales

Description of your unique communication strategy Explanation regarding marketing communication measures Explanation of sales processes, timelines and linkages
Aim to maximize sales results in Japan by repeating a series of steps.

We will guide the way to deliver your comapny's real value. Whether you are feeling that organization of information and branding is insufficient, or that there is a lack of consistency throughout how the product is introduced by different sales representatives, you're struggling to effectively and precisely convey the company's, products', and services' strengths and characteristics, or overall considering how you can appeal to Japanese customers and create new business opportunities. We can help overcome these problems for you through marketing communications.